Nissan 240SX - Appearance

Body Kits

There are many body parts and accessories to choose from for enhancing the look of the 240SX. For the most part, side skirts and rear bumpers on a street car are visual upgrades and will not affect handling. At high speeds, the front bumper will affect handling. Read the Aerodynamics section for advice on setting up a car to be aerodynamically balanced.

If you do not plan to race your car, then a body kit is a purely visual upgrade. But for racing, I recommend installing a lightweight front bumper (preferably one that has been aerodynamically tested).

Body kits are usually made from fiberglass, ABS plastic, polyurethane, or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is the best material to use (at least for racing) because it is lightweight and strong. However, it is very expensive and cannot be repaired if it ever breaks. ABS plastic and fiberglass are also light and not as expensive as carbon fiber, but since they are rigid materials, they tend to crack easily.

Origin 1989-94 S13 Body Kit (Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP), $900) JP Vizage 1995-96 S14 Body Kit (Polyurethane or Fiberglass, $2,000) Charge Speed 1997-98 S14 Body Kit (Fiberglass, $1,150)
Origin 1989-94 S13 Body Kit
Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP)
JP Vizage 1995-96 S14 Body Kit
Polyurethane or Fiberglass
Charge Speed 1997-98 S14 Body Kit

For street use, durability is the biggest concern. Weight is not an issue. Therefore, polyurethane and ABS plastic are good choices. They are both flexible and can take a lot of abuse. Read the Body Kit Product Guide on for a comparison of the different materials and a listing of manufacturers that work with them.

The best option for installing a body kit is to take it to an experienced body shop. Even though the kits are made specifically for each car, there is a lot of prep work that must be done before they can be installed. It is necessary to remove stock body parts, drill mounting holes in the kit, and paint the kit before it is installed. Unless you have the proper tools and facilities to do all of this, pay a body shop to do the work.