Nissan 240SX - Appearance


The most popular conversion for the 240SX is installing a JDM S13 Silvia front end on an S13 240SX. These two cars were essentially the same. The only differences were the engine and the headlights/front bumper. The 240SX had pop-up lights, and the Silvia had fixed headlights. The Silvia front bodywork can be purchased separately or along with an entire front clip. If you are going to get an SR20DET engine and you want to do the Silvia conversion, find an importer that sells front clips with the bodywork in place. Some importers will sell you the SR20DET in the front clip, but will remove the body. If you are only buying the body parts, sells good quality S13 Silvia conversions (hood, bumper, fenders, headlights, headlight brackets, corner lights, and center light panel) for $1,000-$1,200.

JDM 180SX Kouki Tail Lights Set ($500 from
JDM 180SX Kouki Tail Lights Set from

Many people choose to install S14 or S15 front bodywork on an S13 240SX, but this is a less popular option than the S13 Silvia conversion. The S14/S15 parts are generally more expensive and more difficult to fit on the S13 240SX.

Another common conversion is installing JDM 180SX Kouki tail lights on a 1989-94 240SX.

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