Nissan 240SX - Appearance

Wings / Spoilers

Just like with body kits, wings are only functional if you are planning to race your car at relatively high speeds. The most important factors to consider when choosing a wing are adjustability and weight. You need to be able to change rear downforce to tune the aerodynamic balance of the car. In addition, you don’t want a heavy part attached to the rear of your car. Not only does it add overall weight to the car but it also makes it more difficult for the car to start turning since the added weight is far away from the car’s rotational axis. This increases rotational inertia.

APR Performance GT - II Wing (Aluminum, $300) Rotora 3D GT Wing (Carbon Fiber, $800)
APR Performance GT-II Wing
Rotora 3D GT Wing
Carbon Fiber

Racing wings are usually made from aluminum, carbon fiber, or fiberglass. The only differences here are weight and price. Carbon fiber is the lightest, but the weight difference is small enough that it will not have a noticeable affect on handling. Therefore, using aluminum or fiberglass will save you a lot of money and provide virtually the same performance.