Nissan 240SX - Basics

240SX Overview

In 1989, the 240SX replaced Nissan’s 200SX model in the US. Two generations of the car were sold in the US, the S13-based 240SX and the S14-based 240SX. An S15 Silvia, a model closely related to the S14, was sold in Japan from 1999 to 2002, but production of the US market 240SX ceased after 1998.

The basic design of the 240SX gives it the potential to be an excellent handling car. The 240SX is relatively lightweight and has a near-perfect weight distribution of 53% front with a relatively low center of gravity. The S13 240SX has recorded 0.89 g on the skid pad in stock form, a respectable number especially considering the age of the car.