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Nissan 240SX - Basics


The 240SX was offered with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. The manual transmission has synchronizers on all gears except first and reverse.

Automatic Transmission Gear Ratios
First: 2.785
Second: 1.545
Drive: 1.000
Overdrive: 0.694
Reverse: 2.272
Final: 4.083

Manual Transmission Gear Ratios
First: 3.321
Second: 1.902
Third: 1.308
Fourth: 1.000
Fifth: 0.759
Reverse: 3.382
Final: 4.083

The 240SX uses a two-piece driveshaft connected to a 200 mm ring gear in the differential. The car came standard with an open differential. A Viscous LSD was offered as an option on various models (see Optional Performance Equipment).

The top speed of the 240SX is electronically limited to 180 km/h (approximately 112 mph). With the gear ratios given above and a redline of 6500 RPM, the 240SX can reach a top speed of 151 mph if the speed limiter is disabled. This is assuming the use of 15-in. wheels and stock-size tires (195/60R15). Use the Top Speed Calculator to see how this speed was obtained and to experiment with various gear ratios.