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Nissan 240SX - Basics

S Platform

S13: 1989-1994

1989-1994 240SX Specifications
Wheelbase: 97.4 in.
Front/Rear Track: 57.7 in./57.5 in.
Ground Clearance: 4.3 in.
Curb Weight ('90 SE/'91 Standard): 2684 lbs./2657 lbs.
Length: 178.0 in.
Width: 66.5 in.
Height: 50.8 in.

Note: The above specifications apply to the SE Fastback for ’89-’90 and the Standard Fastback for ’91-’93. Some specifications, especially curb weight, are different for other versions of the S13 240SX.

USDM S13 Body Styles
USDM S13 Body Styles

The S13 240SX was sold in the US from 1989 to 1994. It was available as a fastback (SE) or coupe (XE) throughout its production, except for 1994 when the convertible version was the only model sold in the US. The fastback was the same as the JDM 180SX except for the engine. The coupe was the same as the JDM S13 Silvia except for the engine and front bodywork. The Silvia had regular headlights while the US 240SX had retractable headlights. A Head-Up Display (HUD) showing a digital speedometer was available as an option on the coupe as part of the “Power Convenience Group” package. The S13 coupe was lighter than the fastback, but the fastback had a more even weight distribution with the additional weight being at the rear of the car.

The S13 240SX came with 4-wheel disk brakes standard. Anti-lock brakes were offered as an option on the hatchback. All models came with power seat belts except for the convertible. The 240SX was sold with a 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic, except in 1994 when all 240SXs were equipped with a 4-speed automatic. The automatic used Nissan’s DUET-EA system to smooth shifting by allowing the Engine Control Module (ECM) to communicate with the transmission. Many owners choose to disable this system in order allow for more aggressive shifts. It has not been determined whether this modification actually yields quicker shifting and faster acceleration.

S13 Zenki (1990) S13 Chuki (1993)
S13 Zenki (1990)
S13 Chuki (1993)

The production of the S13 240SX for the US market was divided into two periods: the “Zenki”, or early, period ('89-’90) and the “Chuki”, or middle, period (’91-’94). The major change from the Zenki to the Chuki 240SX was the engine upgrade from the KA24E to KA24DE, which increased power from approximately 140 hp to 155 hp. The bumpers and a few other body details were modified for the Chuki 240SX, providing an overall sleeker look. Another new addition for 1991 model was the LE hatchback trim package, which featured a leather interior. The Chuki 240SX was offered with an optional sports package, which included Super HICAS rear-wheel steering.

The convertible 240SX was introduced for the 1992 model year. Convertibles were partially assembled in Japan and then shipped to American Specialty Cars (ASC) in California for final assembly. They were then distributed to US Nissan dealers.